About Royal Circus 🎪

Our brand springs from the creative spirit of our founder Sarah Wood, who weaves her personal journey into every piece.

At 25, Sarah left her career on Wall Street to move to Barcelona, in search of love, beauty, and an adventure of her own. She found all of it.

Leaving behind the grays she wore in New York, Sarah was awed by the beauty of Barcelona. She found her style--and her self-- in thrift stores and vintage markets. Drawn to vibrant patterns, bold prints, and loud colors, Sarah lovingly curated her Barcelona flat with thrifted treasures. She also met her soulmate in Barcelona. She vowed never to leave the beautiful life she had made. 

But then life happened. 

Her partner was relocated to Scotland and Sarah was heartbroken to leave her life in Barcelona. The couple moved into a Georgian townhouse on Royal Circus (where the brand gets its name) and Sarah threw herself into building a life. Then became the second greatest love affair of her life: this time with Scotland!

She fell in love with the beautiful preppy style of Scotland and the cottage core of the Cotswolds where the Royal Circus products get their inspiration. Sarah infuses each piece with a maximalist twist, inspired by the avant-garde whispers of Barcelona's Art Nouveau and the surreal enchantment of Dali's world in Cadaqués.

At Royal Circus, our mission is simple: to help you love your space, to cultivate a place that you want to host people in, and to bring a sense of home wherever your adventures take you.

Let Royal Circus be your partner in weaving the story of your home – a tale that speaks of a life well-lived.